We offer preparation for FCE or CAE exams. Intermediate level and above.
  Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) 12 week preparation course First Certificate in English is a popular qualification to have, especially in Europe. It prepares students for a broad range of applications, from job opportunities to further study. FCE focuses on the 4 main language skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing – with a grammar component included in the reading paper. Students learn to read a wide variety of texts, expand their vocabulary and write in a range of styles depending on the task. FCE encourages an awareness of English usage across the formal/informal spectrum, in both speaking and writing. Students gain an understanding of word formation and how texts are constructed and flow, as well as reading texts that require various types of interpretation. A pass in FCE represents B2 level of proficiency in the CEFR, or Upper-Intermediate. For more information, click here.
  Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) 12 week preparation course Cambridge Advanced English is a popular qualification that aids with job promotion, better employment prospects and opens doors to further education. The 4 main skill areas are tested as for FCE – speaking, listening, reading and writing – and the emphasis remains on appropriate styles for various purposes in writing and speaking. The vocabulary is extended further and the texts for reading comprehension become more complex and demanding. The reading tasks vary to locate different types of meaning and the paper also comprises a grammar section. A pass in CAE represents C1 in the CEFR scale of linguistic competence, which means the student has reached the Advanced level.  
  Start Dates 8 Jan – 9 Mar 12 Mar – 1 Jun 10 Sep – 30 Nov 9 weeks preparation, full time study only Exam fee: $340 (depending on exam venue) When you finish your course at New Horizon you will need to travel to an exam centre. The examination centres in New Zealand are in: Auckland / Tauranga / Christchuch / Hamilton / Nelson Below are the dates for the Auckland exam centre. The other exam centres may have slightly different closing dates or exam dates, or charge slightly different fees, and also may not hold the exam in a particular session. Please advise us upon enrollment if you are considering taking the exam anywhere other than Auckland. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to sit the exam in your first choice of venue. You will need to book travel to the exam centre and accommodation to cover the period during which the exam is held, once you have enrolled for the exam and received your exam timetable.  
Auckland exam centre: March Exam June Exam December Exam
Last date for entry/fees: 19 January 23 March 12 October
Timetables sent out: Late February Late May Mid November
Examination dates: 14-17 March 9-14 June 1-6 December