International students learn about sustainability, Jan 2019

Current and former international students at New Horizon College in the Hawke’s Bay have a growing connection to New Zealand, thanks to a tree-planting initiative which encourages them to make a positive contribution to the local environment.

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New Horizon College Remains NZQA Category 1 school, Aug 2018

In the recently completed EER (External Evaluation and Review), New Horizon College (NHC) has received excellent feedback and proudly remains a NZQA Category 1 provider –  the highest possible rating. NZQA is highly confident in the educational performance and highly confident in the capability in self-assessment at AEA. The EER process is a comprehensive, evidence-based assessment carried out by NZQA every four years. It addresses achievement, outcomes and key contributing processes to judge the quality of a tertiary education organisation. This is a fantastic result and a reflection of NHC’s dedication to providing high-quality education. We look forward to continuing in the future. You can find the full report on NZQA website