In response to the horrific and tragic bushfires that have been raging in Australia, New Horizon decided to become involved in fundraising efforts, first for the suffering animals and then for the families and communities devastated by the fires.

Through an initiative that teacher Jane Soan became aware of, we encouraged students, homestays and staff to donate vital items like towels, hand-towels, rubber gloves, animal beds and blankets, and teats for bottles – all to be collected from around NZ and taken to Australia.

The response was phenomenal! We estimate that the donated items were worth at least $750.

The following week we organized a lunch of gourmet filled rolls with ingredients donated or bought where necessary and our students bought 1 or more rolls for $5 apiece. Students helped make the rolls and the food was delicious.

Many students also donated extra money on top of the $5 for the rolls and homestays were also generous in their contributions and donations.
It was a great success and the amount raised was $300.

It was particularly special that the school as a whole came together to demonstrate their heartfelt solidarity for the people and animals in Australia and contributed to the huge emergency and relief effort taking place to help Australia in these terrible circumstances.

-Lindsey Scott


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